Spotted hyena, at dusk, on move, heading up the slope going up to Mara West Camp.

Spotted hyena, at dusk, on move, heading up the slope going up to Mara West Camp.

From the 2016 Maasai Mara safari…
It was dusk and we were taking the back way from the mara to the escarpment, wherein the camp was located. Just as we were about to head into a wooded area, we saw this spotted hyena likewise heading toward the camp area. The camp is open, i.e. no fence. Zebras freely roam about the camp area. Since zebras are a lion’s favorite food, it stands to reason that lions can be found where you find zebras. You are not allowed to leave your tent site unless you call and get an escort by a Maasai warrior who is armed with a spear. As part of their ‘training’, they have to kill a lion with a spear or its like. They live amongst lions and protecting themselves, their families, and livestock from lions is a daily vigil. Usually, they don’t kill a lion, but attempt to chase it away, but if killing becomes necessary, they are more than capable. As you walk about the camp area in the daylight, bones are frequently found, indicating ‘kills’. Hyenas love to come along behind a lion kill, so hyenas are in the camp area as well. Fortunately we saw no predators in the camp, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t around. One night, we couldn’t sleep for a long time due to the animal sounds close by.

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