The Elusive Triangle Ships (S3, E1) UFO Hunters | Full Episode

For years, the team has been tracking an elusive prey only seen at night–ships, shaped like triangles, impossibly huge, and videotaped over cities around the world, in Season 3, Episode 1, “Giant Triangles.”


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20 thoughts on “The Elusive Triangle Ships (S3, E1) UFO Hunters | Full Episode”

  1. Issue with the gold theory is that there are much easier ways of obtaining it in space (e.g. from asteroids) than mining it from a planetary surface. Also, regarding the 'fighter jet,' it looks pretty much exactly like a fish combined with a bird — both of which would have presumably been revered in those societies

  2. I spotted a perfect triangle object from my backyard one night. I was star gazing with my binoculars. I couldn't see it without my binoculars. I felt like I was seeing it from the bottom of the craft. I have no idea how high up it was because like I said, I couldn't see it without my binoculars. There was no sound that I could hear and no lights on it whatsoever. It didn't appear to be flying but just slowly drifting across the sky. It was like it was literally floating. I told my son about it and to my amazement he said he had seen these things himself. Anyway thats my story…

  3. Kevin, the type of guy who, in a different video, asked why a formation of objects flying at night way up in the air couldn’t be helicopters. He thinks the air doesn’t get thinner and that helicopters can fly as high as they want. The guy is not as smart as he desperately wants people to believe.

  4. Vermont here I saw one it was green an bright really big an no sound no smell an it was there for about 45 seconds an can pass a lie detector test bring it
    Cause it was in early 2019 or 2018 late really went so fast backwards

  5. Man Bill wants to believe and wants it to be real so bad that he really discredits himself a lot. Because with all the new info coming out it's going to be quite funny to know that bill was probably right more than all of the rest of these guys he's with. Who would have guessed that?

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