The good news for lawyers | Lahore Development Authority has announces jobs for Legal Advisors
DISCLAIMER: I am a lawyer but not necessarily your lawyer unless you’ve signed a retainer agreement with our legal firm.
Today’s video is for informational purposes only should not be considered legal advice — Before making decisions for your legal matters, it is always best to have a candid conversation with an attorney about your specific circumstances.
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My aim is to introduce Basic Pakistani Laws in Urdu for young lawyers/advocates and students of law. Especially for common Pakistanis who want to know about Laws of Pakistan. I hope this effort will help you. You can visit my facebook page and my website also for learning law.

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Banking Laws
Civil Laws
Consumer Protection Laws
Corporate Laws
Cyber Laws
Environmental Law
International Law (Public & Private)
Islamic Banking
Islamic Jurisprudence
Judgment Writing
Labour Laws
Law of Deeds and Conveyancing
Law of Trusts
Media and Mass Communication Laws
Muhammadan Law
Negotiable Instruments Act
The Law of Evidence
Arbitration and Conciliation Act
Business and Commercial Laws
Constitutional Law
Company Laws
Constitutions of Various Countries
Contract Act
Criminal Laws
Electronic Crimes
Forensic Science
Interpretation of Statutes
Islamic Interpretation
Islamic Laws
Land Laws
Law Of Limitation
Law of Writs
Money Laundering Laws
Muslim Personal Laws
Specific Performance Act

The good news for lawyers | Lahore Development Authority has announces jobs for Legal Advisors


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