The HoopLife League Is Here | Boys & Girls Grades 3 to 8

We are excited to announce the inaugural season of the competitive HoopLife Basketball League for Boys and Girls Grades 3-8. Finally, Regina Hoopers will have a competitive league to thrive and live their dreams with the province’s #1 rated basketball program.

The HoopLife League is sanctioned by Basketball Saskatchewan.

League Divisions:

The HoopLife league will have 6 competitive divisions where athletes will compete based on their grade and gender.

Boys Grades 3/4.

Boys Grades 5/6.

Boys Grades 7/8.

Girls Grades 3/4.

Girls Grades 5/6.

Girls Grades 7/8.

HoopLife Facility:

All games will take place in the brand new state-of-the-art HoopLife Centre.

Full-size professional high-quality maple hardwood floor.

The HoopLife Centre will be open and finished construction before the season starts in early fall.

The only gym in the city where hoops can be lowered for Grades 3/4 divisions.

Tryouts Information:

Each athlete will receive a HoopLife shirt at tryouts.

Independent qualified evaluators will evaluate all athletes at tryouts and make the selection based on the results at tryouts.

Each athlete that attends tryouts will be given a report card on their performance, whether they make the league or not.

After tryouts, the independent evaluators will conduct a draft to ensure all rosters are fair.

The independent evaluators will NOT include any members of the HoopLife staff, coaches, or owners.

Team Details:

Each roster will have no more than 10 kids on a team.

Each team will have 1 practice and 1 game per week.

Each team will have a minimum of 16 regular-season games plus playoffs.

Teams will have a private team practice each week with a minimum of 20—hour and a half practices during the season.

During the course of the season, your kids will improve their overall game, developing:

Basketball fundamentals (shooting, dribbling, scoring, defence, etc.)

Physical endurance and core training.

Basketball IQ.

Mindset development and confidence building.

League Details:

The league will start at the end of October and run until mid-April.

All games will be professionally officiated.

The HoopLife league will not have volunteer coaches. Coaches will be carefully selected, trained, paid, and NCCP certified. Parents, you can trust that your athlete will receive top-level coaching and development throughout the season.

All games will have four 10 minute quarters with an incredible atmosphere—the HoopLife way. Music before the game during warm-ups, after the game, during timeouts, between quarters, and at halftime.

Stats and standings will be tracked and posted online through the season.

All games will be broadcasted and live-streamed to watch LIVE or anytime after.

All players in the league will have the chance to order highlight packages, professional photos, and media throughout the season.

All team schedules, including practices and games, will be set at the beginning of the season, letting your family plan your year out in advance.

During the season, there will be all-star selections from each team and a skills competition night.

Team Merchandise Details:

All players selected to join the league will receive team merchandise and uniforms included in their league fees, which each athlete keeps forever.

Premium high-quality reversible jersey with their name and custom number on the back.

Premium high-quality reversible shorts.

Premium high-quality hoodie.

Premium high-quality shooting shirt.

League Fees:

The 2-day tryout clinic costs $40:

Includes 2-days of skill clinics.

Includes a HoopLife shirt.

Includes a player report card.

League Fees for the season is $750 (everything included):

Includes all team merchandise and uniforms listed above (which the players keep forever).

Includes a minimum of 16 games plus playoffs.

Includes a minimum of 20—hour and a half practices.

Includes paid, trained, and NCCP certified coach.

Includes broadcasted games, which can be watched at any time, and so much more.

We listened to you, Regina, and we are here to answer the call for the first competitive grassroots basketball league in Regina ever. Your athletes will have a chance to thrive and play in a beautiful professional facility and environment with NCCP certified coaches to truly take their game to a whole new level.

If you think you have what it takes to play in the HoopLife League, sign up for the 2-day tryout clinic on September 25 and 26. The HoopLife League is competitive, and not all who try out will make the league, get your HoopLife Membership today where you can train weekly and get your game right before it’s too late.

For any feedback, questions or concerns, call us at 306-993-4570 or email us at

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