THE LAST BANG – Written & Directed by Emmanuel Shirinian

Genre: Comedy
Release Year: 2006
13:30 Minutes/Super 16mm  
Starring: Bernard Behrens, Russell Bennett

THE LAST BANG explores a loving but tumultuous relationship between a grandson and his grandfather. Grandfather Max Solomon, asks his grandson Benjamin to take him to an escort agency just once before he dies. After a feeble attempt at offering an alternative to his grandfather’s wish, Benjamin is left neurotic and morally conflicted.

Select Info:

*World Premiere – Toronto International Film Festival 2006.  
*American Premiere – American Film Institute Dallas 07.
*Won Gold Remi (Best Original Comedy) at WorldFest 07
*Winner Best Short Film: Pomegranate Film Festival
*Broadcast on CBC Reflections (2007 – 2010 license)
*Broadcast on Superchannel (2011-2013 license)

Production Company: Spiral Entertainment Ltd.

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