They have come to escort me on the dangerous pathway of the intermediate state by J&K

The One Minute Series on death or destruction as a state of potentiality.
For the new curated program of The One Minutes, J&K, a contemporary artists duo, based in
Berlin and Copenhagen, selected one minute videos for their series ‘They have come to escort me
on the dangerous pathway of the intermediate state’.

Should you be interested in screening this series, please contact us:

With the curated program, The One Minutes focuses on the perception and understanding of the moving image. Museums and cultural spaces around the world are subscribers, and show the series within their organisations.

J&K are exploring the theme of death and rebirth in connection to the collapse of a system and
the aftermath of revolution. Specifically, J&K would like to pose the question of how death or
destruction of prevailing structures can be regarded as a state of potentiality that may lead to new
For this series J&K have invited artist and, in collaboration with The One Minutes, they have set
out an open call to invite artists to respond to the project. The theme could be addressed in three
1: The spiritual aspect of death and rebirth in both concrete and abstract manners.
2: The work can relate to the political and social implications of crisis, collapse and a post
revolution society also implying utopian and visionary ideas.
3: The work can attempt to combine 1+2 and fuse the two sides of this thematic spectrum.
Lastly J&K selected videos from the archive of The One minutes to approach their subject. With
this series, J&K are expecting to find interesting and critical dialogues where spiritual and political
thinking intersect or clash. It shows different ways of interpretation of revolution, situations where
one structure leads in to the next. Showing us other ways to what may seem a set moment.

About the artists
The artist duo J&K (Janne Schäfer, b. 1976, Darmstadt, DE and Kristine Agergaard, b. 1975,
Copenhagen, DK) have been working in collaboration since 1999 and are based in Berlin and
Copenhagen. In their artistic practice exists an interdependent relationship between performance,
installation, sculpture, found objects, works on paper, photo, and video. The works are often
inserted into public or institutional contexts. Departing in a color saturated, absurd universe the
work investigates mechanisms behind the cultural production of reality, belief, writing of history
and identity. J&K are currently developing a commission for a permanent artwork for the Goethe
Institute in Cairo, Egypt. In this context they are researching specifically on Egypt and the post-revolution.

Participating artists
Participating artists: Amado Alfadni, Erika Arzt & Juan Linares, Arnar Asgeirsson, Candice Breitz,
Nicholas Brooks, Lizza May David, Sophie Dupont, Søren Thilo Funder & Tina Helen, Cecilie
Gravesen, Mathilde ter Heijne, Malak Helmy, Sophie Hjerl, Hassan J&K, Khan, Huda Lutfi, Pernille
With Madsen, Mikkel Niemann, Nissa Nishikawa, Cullinan Richards, Trine Mee Sook, SSMIDD,
Josefine Struckmann, Miquel Clara Vasconcelos, Allard Zoetman.

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