Tobita Shinchi Prices | Osaka Nightlife Guide | Part 2

Tobita Shinchi is Osaka Japan’s infamous Red Light District. I will talk about the prices and explain how to play in this adult paradise.
Osaka Nightlife Guide Playlist
0:00 – Intro
0:28 – Prices
1:36 – Area Layout
2:53 – How To Play

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42 thoughts on “Tobita Shinchi Prices | Osaka Nightlife Guide | Part 2”

  1. Nope too many stupid roadblocks . The time limit is such a bother and you aren’t allowed to perform the most appealing things on her no licking no kissing . And if I have the misfortune to have picked a girl with a bitchy attitude that wants me to hurry up and end fast then I’m royally screwed I can’t get in the mood like that.

  2. Without kissing and sniffing I cannot sexually arouse… Probably this place is not for me and Pricewise not worth at all… I can book a complete one night session with a tall, blond Russia girl with food and Brevages in such I price….
    Japan is realy a fool county where pornography us allowed but not prostitution… It they make it legal the prices would be automatically dropped…

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