Tokyo’s Adult Paradise With Cute Japanese Girls + Tori-no-Ichi

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43 thoughts on “Tokyo’s Adult Paradise With Cute Japanese Girls + Tori-no-Ichi”

  1. Night out on the town with to cute girls,very Kawii. Couldn't figure what exactly was going on with them. Oddly the closed captioning stops towards the end when they got the banana treats. And I totally missed the adult part or was that left out…LOL.

  2. I really like how "Tokyo Adult Paradise" is apparently closer to Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium or a Kindergarden Festival (no offense). Our Western standards are so corrupt LOL. Great video. 💕

  3. This was heart warming!
    They drink? if not they put on a good smile! drinking strips a layer away, lets them be closer to what they want without worry.

    ​Personally I think people want to smile but today its hard… aside from my own struggles I will never know what bothers them in their hearts but maybe they struggle too… with the current state where you can't share your feelings or maybe something else…
    The energy and smiles they both give others, I hope they love/laugh!!! the light they give deserve it!

  4. Watching all these type of Japan explorer videos, the girls in all your videos seem to like to drink alcohol allot. Also their menu foods I would say are not that dietary and probably very spicy.

  5. Muy Chulo el contenido , Me encanta 😍la Cultura japanse Mí pregunta es si hay algún alquiler de Autos cerca para ir de visita no C uno o dos meses Grasias por su atención Hasta luegoo Dios Bendiga

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