Top 3 Reasons Your Girl is Not Sexually Satisfied – And How You Can Solve the Problem


There’s a myth floating around that getting a woman to reach orgasm is a difficult task. The only reason that people think this is because women tend to take longer than guys to reach their climax, and thus many women have trouble getting there with guys who finish too quickly. It can become a major problem in a relationship, so if your lady is unable to reach orgasm, you should read on and discover how to solve this problem, and quickly.

Three Reasons Why Your Woman Isn’t Having Orgasms

Reason Number One – Not Enough Stimulation… emotionally. For most girls, the emotional aspect is just as important as the physical one. If she’s not really feeling the emotionally stimulated, then she may have a hard time reaching orgasm. The saying goes that the brain’s the biggest erogenous zone – and that’s especially true in women.

Reason Number Two – Get Better Technique. This one’s pretty obvious – you can’t just blunder your way through sex and expect to please your girl. The basics of sex are pretty straightforward, but you should take the time to check out some more advanced skills. One piece of advice is to check out the master techniques offered on the Internet and find out the best ways to become a true stud in the sack.

Reason Number Three – Getting Her in the Mood. You can’t just jump straight into sex without getting a woman in the mood first – she’ll never reach orgasm that way and you’ll both end up frustrated. You have to get a woman to a certain minimum level of arousal before she’ll be primed for an explosive climax. So, make sure the mood is right before you dive in.

Once you identified the three reasons, then you will need to “zero in” and master quick orgasm techniques.


Source by Derek Rake

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