Tourism: when women are looking for love

Welcome to the Dominican Republic. This beach is specially appreciated by women from Europe, America and Canada, looking for love. Here, everything seems possible…


25 thoughts on “Tourism: when women are looking for love”

  1. Woman are more interested in lust than men and they are 100 times more promiscuous than men . Prostitución is 20 times more common in woman than men Esther though they have many more chances in finding a partner than a man . Woman today are not worthy of a good mans time

  2. These women are absolute, single-digit IQ m0r0ns. 😂😂😂 Also fucking disgusting how all these people just fvck without a condom. Super spreaders of STDs. No wonder why genital (HSV-2) herpes, and treatment resistant gonorrhea are so damn common lately…

  3. I'm shocked😳 the amount of soul ties nevermind HIV… What in the world makes you think this is love.. Omw… This is s e x that is it… Love is something built for the ages not a quickie… If you want love, it means to work at something, compromise, sort through, understanding etc etc… Love is not a feel good all the time vibe… Ladies, if you looking for love, u in the wrong place 😔 if you looking for s e x, you still in the wrong place… Urgh, there is huge sloppy everything here and disease!

  4. So far from my observation the reason these western woman come here is because they are mostly woman who have hit the wall and only date Chads in Tyrone in the west but the problem is those guys don't want to or have the need to commit and don't need to pleasure them or want them long term

    So they come to these countries where these Chads and Tyrone's are getting something different and exotic and they can get a buck out of them

  5. When African wild animals meet Europe wild animals just to have sex and they named it love but paying each other for sex 😂😂😂😂😂 ethics morals rip but Europeans says they civilized this world 🤣🤣

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