TRANSA – Trans short film, 2016

A film by Hugo Lins
Starring Tita Mélo, Marina Menezes and Paulo Wenceslau

Low budget independent Brazilian short movie with a transgender theme, realized in Brasília – DF in 2016. Original audio in Portuguese, with English subtitle / Con subtítulos en español / Com legendas em Português.

She still believes in love and tenderness, and therefore overcomes the violence and rejection of being a transgender woman with courage and lightness. She goes hand in hand with the daily madness of being herself and while waiting for that bus that never stops, a casual and intense meeting happens: Begins the love…

Uma produção Animars Produções.

Transa – Filme de curta-metragem independente com baixo orçamento brasileiro com tema transgênero. Filmado em Brasília – DF em 2016. Áudio original em Português com legendas em Inglês e espanhol.

Ela ainda acredita no amor e na ternura, e por isso supera a violência e a rejeição de ser uma mulher trans com coragem e leveza. Anda de mãos dadas com a loucura diária de ser ela mesma e enquanto espera aquele ônibus que nunca para, um encontro casual e intenso acontece. Começa a transa…

Brazilian short movie with a transgender theme. LIKE. COMMENT. SHARE!
Filme de curta metragem brasileiro de ficção com tema transgênero. CURTA. COMENTE. COMPARTILHE!
Pelicula de Cortometraje brasileño de ficción transgénero.

Director: Hugo Lins
Writer: Hugo Lins
Starring: Tita Mélo (@titamaravilha), Paulo Wenceslau (@p_wenceslau), Marina Menezes (@marinamenezescomz).
Director of Photography: Rodrigo de Oliveira (@rodrigodeoliveirafoto), Flora Egecia (@floraegecia);
Art Director: Erika Guedes (@kika_guedes)
Production Director: Alex Menezes
Casting Director: Vinícius Teixeira
Produtora: Animars Produções

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The song “Na Garrafa” kindly provided by Trupe Chá de Boldo. LISTEN:

Transa Curta
Transa Curta Metragem
Transa Curta-metragem
Curta metragem brasileiro de ficção com tema transgênero.


27 thoughts on “TRANSA – Trans short film, 2016”

  1. I would like to see many more Trans people. Before transitioning, it is important to have a realistic appreciation of the pros and cons of transitioning. This should be a written document which a Dr or his staff will read to you and you have to sign to that effect. After a cooling off period you have to re-affirm your understanding and sign again. From then on, transitioners should be placed in the fast lane. HRT should begin as soon as possible, and after say a year, transitioners should be pressed to undergo bottom surgery. Once signed up to the programme, it needs to go ahead. At this stage, you have already given Drs written permission to proceed with surgery. If you choose to pull out at this stage, you are obliged to pay the fee for surgery, as you have wasted a place that another patient could have taken. this should be a very exciting time for all people who wish to transition. We need many more trans women in society . Thailand is an excellent example.

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  5. Society collapses when mother's have to many babies..
    And there's no work for them .
    Unfortunately woman don't take responsibility for the outcome of there children futer

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  7. Transgirls are beautiful girls.
    🇭🇺 Nem szabad őket bántani olyan módon akkor se, ha kavarunk vele vagy,ha barátnőnk lesz.👮🕵️
    Úgy hozta a sors, hogy lehet csak olyan barátnő lesz aki ilyesféle…🏳️‍🌈💃❤️
    Én megbecsülném.
    Különben is,ha nagyon fiús akkor a T csaj szedhet női hormon tablettát, hogy nőies legyen
    (szép és formás legyen)
    Nem is tudom milyen lelki világa van egy ilyen nőnek.

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