TREKKING Fairy Meadows PAKISTAN Vlog & Nanga Parbat Jeep Ride

Fairy Meadows Pakistan! They says it’s the most beautiful place in the country. In this Pakistan travel vlog, we continue our roadtrip through Northern Pakistan, and embark on a Jeep to the legendary viewing point of Nanga Parbat, aka “The Killer Mountain”

This trip starts off with a ride along the most dangerous highway in the world. I don’t think there was ever an official competition, but by looking at the video footage, you can tell pretty quickly it is definitely a contender.

This is the second episode in my Pakistan Travel Vlog series, make sure you catch the first where we begin our journey from Islamabad to Skardu in Northern Pakistan. We start out driving from Besham to Chillas, but continue to, Fairy Meadows, Gilgit, Skardu, Hunza Valley, Nanga Parbat, and many other places along the Karakoram highway.

Pakistan tourism is on the rise. It’s often called a dangerous place to travel. Our purpose was to spend our time, as foreigners in Pakistan to disprove this, and show the beauty of the people and the landscape to the world. CPIC global sponsored out trip, but we did so without any security or military escorts. The only trouble we got into was bumpy roads.

While normally I solo travel, I was excited to have so many friends on the trip. Siya Zarabi from Hopscotch the Globe, Lexie Alford from Lexie Limitless, Ryan Riel from Opposite Travellers, Anushae Khan, Brooke Saward, and Alexandrina Cojocaru.

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50 thoughts on “TREKKING Fairy Meadows PAKISTAN Vlog & Nanga Parbat Jeep Ride”

  1. I own a travel company, you’ll never have heard much about it yet, but you will soon! Mike is one of those presenters that has a true gift capturing the world without question. Never makes a judgement about the experiences he shares, yet captures the real life, culture and beauty of our diverse planet! Kudos Mike…. Kudos

  2. What do you mean by people of Pakistan are 'not as dangerous' as people think! Pakistanis are not dangerous at all. They are more friendly and hospitable than most others.

  3. Come to India
    After covid
    You'll be amazed by kashmir's (paradise on Earth) beauty 🤩
    Travel all across India you'll experience everything
    From chilling mountains to thar desert to beaches of South India to evergreen Northeast India🤩🤩

  4. Do NOT Forget How manny innocent lives the West has taken in Middle East and Muslim Countries. They have bombed so many innocents. These westerners should not be welcomed or allowed to enter. The West has blood of millions of innocent Muslims on their hands.

  5. I went there in August this year and it was the best experience of my life. From this place you can see the galaxy because the sky is very clear. I can say with certainty that you can not say that I waste my money.
    Awesome Pakistan❣️

  6. For those who are thinking of doing this trek to Fairy Meadows…u have to do it! It did it it was magical, heavenly I will remember as highlight of my life. I plan to return post Corona virus, before I turn 70 I want to do the jeep ride and trek again! I dream of the trip everyday, ot has left my mark on me, wonderful people beautiful scenery and wonderful Pakistan….May Allah protect this region and Pakistan.

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