Turkey Portrait

Turkey Portrait

Wanted me to Show His "Good" Side… And here it Is.

While driving out to a local Bird Sanctuary, I discovered this Male Turkey escorting two Females down the middle of the road. He was much too busy "Strutting His Stuff" to worry about getting Run-over.

I cut him some slack… I too was once that silly ;-))

Most North American kids learn turkey identification early, by tracing outlines of their hands to make Thanksgiving cards. These big, spectacular birds are an increasingly common sight the rest of the year, too, as flocks stride around woods and clearings like miniature dinosaurs. Courting males puff themselves into feathery balls and fill the air with exuberant gobbling. The Wild Turkey’s popularity at the table led to a drastic decline in numbers, but they have recovered and now occur in every state except Alaska.

Posted by Don’s PhotoStream on 2015-06-07 20:33:13


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