Turning adversity into opportunity | Muniba Mazari | TEDxIslamabad

In this talk Muniba shares the heart wrenching story of an incident which changed her life completely – from the bad to the good.

Muniba Mazari is an artist and a writer. She believes in playing with vibrant colors and flawless portrayal of true emotions. Her work speaks her heart out and is all about people, their expressions, dreams and aspirations.

Although wheel chair bound, her spirit and artistry knows no bounds. In fact, she takes the agony of spinal cord injury as a challenge and is more determined to express her sentiments through her art work.

While doing her bachelor in fine arts she met a road accident which made her paraplegic. Currently, she is running her brand by the name ‘Muniba’s Canvas’ with the slogan ‘Let Your Walls Wear Colors’. She is a mix media artist and believes in depicting the ethnic jewels of her region in an abstract way. Some of her work is purely abstract which depicts the humans’ expressions, their thoughts and dreams. Her paintings give the message of living life and represent the real personality of the artist.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx


24 thoughts on “Turning adversity into opportunity | Muniba Mazari | TEDxIslamabad”

  1. I am 21 yrs old ,when I first heard and like the inspirational speakers . One of my best motivational speaker is Ma'am Muniba . Her words ,her facial expressions ,her hand jestures , her smiles have a lot of positive impact on me. Thank you you ma'am for your selfless and a broad minded services you are rendering for the weak in spirit . I am also one of those who have been lost and felt desperate in life . But your motivational speech has given me a new turning point to be a positive and an optimistic person . Once again , thank you so much Ma'am . May God bless you and give you more inspirations to inspire and motivate the life of various status in the world .

  2. Not everyone is as mentally capable, nor are their looks like yours not everyone has the ability to speak like you. But it's wonderful that you're courageous and strong but not everyone is similar. Not do they have the background or supportive parents. Anyway inspiring talk . Best wishes

  3. I'm suffering abandonment by family even friends because a man abandoned me with four girls after I was being exposed to early marriage with limited education. Lack of finances by family. Your story encourages me and my innocent girls 😢😢🙏

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