Welcome to VEMP
Vivacious Entertainment, Marketing & Promotions.

Just a quick introduction into what VEMP is about.

An exciting new venture producing the adult industries most sexiest, elegant, down-to-earth ladies & gents around town to entertain in a variety of ways.

It is within the word VIVACIOUS that the people get our essence from.
The Vivacious crew are what we are termed as ACTIVE, alert, BOUNCY, breezy, BUBBLY, effervescent, FULL OF LIFE, happy, HIGH-SPIRITED, keen, PLAYFUL, rocking, SPARKLING, sportive, SWINGING, upbeat, VIBRANT & zesty.

So as you can imagine Vemp makes for an exciting, hardworking team of amazing people to help entertain you and your friends.

Services include:

Male/female waitressing (topless/bikini/lingerie)
Male/female exotic/club dancers
Male/female promotional models
Male/female sports/fitness models
Male/female escorts

VEMP caters for :

Bucks/hens nights
Corporate boxes
Sporting events (boxing/mma)

We look forward to working with you.

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