VERY VERY LONG !! Girl cries during an extreme long to short haircut

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she’s happy now 🤗

Relax and watch this #ASMR Relaxing #haircut. You can hear the real sounds of his hair being trimmed in 3D sound to help you relax, sleep and give your head tingles. Great to help you sleep, very relaxing #binaural whisper!
Real Barber Shaving Sound
Sleep Inducing
Professional Scissor Cut
ASMR Relaxing Haircut

ASMR Relaxing Haircut – Professional Scissor Cut – Sleep Inducing – Real Barber Shaving Sound


25 thoughts on “VERY VERY LONG !! Girl cries during an extreme long to short haircut”

  1. My question is… why did they do her dirty like that?? She clearly has really beautiful curly hair. They just scrunched and defused it with a blow dryer on high heat at full speed like she walked out of there looking crazy. Hair looking hella frizzy. Maybe better than before but mad frizzy. No wonder she left there looking sad af.

  2. It’s time to grow up, lose the immaturity and lose your unhealthy attachments. Time to move forward and become stronger and more resilient. Some people in the world don’t have food nor the comforts of a free society.

  3. OMG hooow brutal to cut her hair too quick without comforting her.. she's a beautiful young lady anyway but.. her face expression said it all.. I don't even think she liked the new haircut..they should of done a better job like straightening it or better curls some color so that she'd feel better and more confident they let her walk out so sad shame on them!

  4. I mean I feel as though this needed some type of ceremony and I would have liked to see the entire process handled differently. Our hair is an antenna and holds much power: this was no doubt very intense for the girl. I definitely am not a fan of the man who cut the hair and tossed the rest on the floor, and why so short…? I am not in favor of the final haircut or the salon, very impersonal. I don't go into salons where there is more than one person working on my hair, I'm not an automobile for god's sake.

  5. Интересно, сколько этот блоходрон весил? И какой был смысл его таскать на себе, параллельно разрушая свою жизнь и здоровье?

  6. I also think this was a set up as you would expect the girl to have a friend/ family member with her whilst going through a massive change in her life. Not just waltzing in by herself and nobody having any conversation about why she had decided to cut it, or what hairstyle she would like and how long did she want it or anything.

  7. I do not think I would like this salon at all because I am a chatter box. Even more so when I am nervous. But this dear girl required some relaxing chat to make her feel more at ease. Very strange how the hairdressers were so disconnected to the person.

  8. I just don’t see the purpose of having hair that long, she’s actually much more attractive being able to see her naturally curly hair. Can you imagine how much neck pain she’s been in trying to keep her head from being pulled back from the weight of her hair? At least she can donate her hair to those who need it. ❤

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