What Are Some Great Tactics to Get My Guy or Girl Back Into My Life? These Tips Work Really Well


If you are shattered with the recent breakup with your ex, you must no doubt be suffering in agony. One of the most pathetic sights in the world is to see a man or a woman grovelling and degrading themselves in a bid to get their ex back. Rather than begging from the sidelines, it is a better idea to use powerful tactics with confidence.

You must be asking the question – which tactic to get my girl/guy back should I use?

Act with confidence – Every man and woman likes their partner to act with a sure confidence, no matter what the circumstances are. No one likes their girl or guy to beg and grovel. So, learn to hold your head high and show your ex that you can live without him/her.

Give your girl/guy some space – Especially after a traumatic breakup, it is a good idea disappearing from your ex’s sight for a while, even though you may find it very difficult to do so. This will give them enough space to think over, analyze and settle their emotions.

Ignorance is the key – No matter how difficult it is to do so, ignore your guy/girl for a while after the breakup and show them that you are well on your way to leading an enjoyable life. Be sure to disappoint them, especially if they have been looking forward to being begged to.

Kindle their curiosity – It is very easy to kindle their curiosity by refusing to text, email or call your guy/girl for a while after the breakup. This will get them thinking on various aspects including whether you are into another relationship or even whether you initiated the argument to cause the breakup.

When your ex calls back, be unavailable for a while – To show your ex that you are a person of quality and your emotions are not to be played around with, be sure to be unavailable for a while when they call back in a bid to renew the relationship.

Stay focused in your life – Rather than being emotionally carried away and being caught up with mourning, it is a good idea getting the focus back in your life. Mourning over the lost relationship is not going to get your guy/girl back. Keep yourself socially busy and try your best to have fun.

Make your ex want to desperately come back to youIf you show your ex that you are getting along with your life anyway and are not emotionally dependent on them, you can be sure your guy/girl will come running back to you.


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