Whole Lotta Love – Avri Citron

The Led Zeppelin Classic sung with feeling; its sexy fun music with a back beat you can dance to! Share it with friends and music sites; and let everyone shake, shake, a-shake! On the dance floor and at home in front of your supped up amplified laptop!

Avri is an Irish singer who works on concepts for his own and other artists videos, from his studio in Dublin.

Musicians who are looking for a lasting creative involvement can contact Avri. Looked for are a drummer, guitarists, dancers, a female lead singer, a male vocalist and a keyboard player. Studio recordings will be made.

Contact Info: avri.citron@yahoo.ie
00353(0)87 316 8777
& Youtube “AvriCitron”

Background to this video:

Hi guys, Avri here!
I was inspired to make this video by a female singer in Dublin called Kristin Kapelli, who’s voice made the hairs on my body stand on end. I had not heard Led Zeppelin’s original for at least a year when I recorded this! I thought, Hey, this is really a man’s song, because of the lyrics like “every inch of me” couldn’t, well, anatomically be sung by a woman! And a man would really feel more comfortable getting away with the extended sexually frustrated pleading piece in the middle of the song too, because woman can certainly make us chase sometimes! I had heard a girl try it in karaoke and go quiet during this Doors type sexy psychedelic interlude! She said afterwards embarrassed to the audience “I wasn’t going to start making all the orgasm noises!”. Well..orgasm noises are very familiar territory for me LOL, having done plenty of study and spent much diligent practice in the labour of love! The anonymous dancing girl towards the end of the video was dancing on a personal basis and I had to edit that section; right down! So grappling with a sexy song was more like an expression of a romantic tryst for me and once in that mental zone, it was easy to switch on the hot love energy vibe!

Before starting on this I already had shot much of the footage; and then took more around Dublin, giving it that energetic locational vibe. The performance clips are of other songs, although some of them are synced quite closely, with the mic usually going up at the right time!

For those interested in the gossip mags and TV shows; the four photos of the girl, with the bottle in her mouth posing for me, are of one of Joss Stones best friends. I was pulled onto the dance floor by Joss herself when I did not even know who she was! She was wearing a Pretty Woman pink bob wig, for the Hen party in Vanilla nightclub, Dublin, probably so she would not be recognized. Anyway her friends were very nice people and very attractive girls who were mostly in relationships. They were being good girls and quite right too! As the night went on one friend revealed who Joss was, telling me not to tell anyone else at the club, which I respected. I thought I was onto a good thing with this girl as we had been flirting across the bar and got talking; but it was just another girlie case of self-flattery and it turned out towards the end that she had a boyfriend like the rest in Devon, England. She was a footballer’s girlfriend (even though she didn’t see him four days a week!) and I fully understood her position. Besides I don’t ever try and turn other men’s women, especially when they are drinking; its not cool, right or clever! Still Sade..Rrrrr! You could have told me sooner, instead of making me your escort for the night! And then I may have chatted up the beautiful Joss (again if single which I think now she may not be) or even the bottle posing friend, who may now wish to illuminate me on her credentials!

The Future:
We will see what the future holds with maybe an original dance song on the cards. I would make this at home myself using the various channels, mics and editing effects. This will probably not be completed for another six months, during which other recordings will be released, including live footage. Some of which are fun mementos, such as some well known friends singing at a karaoke session on my birthday. As well as my own take on a few more classics from Billy Idol, The Boomtown Rats, Johnny Cash and others.

Adieu…for now, and remember “keep on cooling Baby, keep on coolin’ Baby!”

Avri. 😀

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