Why Seducing Women Is Much Easier Than Seducing A Woman


There’s an old saying among those that like to hang out at the racetrack: “You can beat the race, but not the races.” This means that while you may win money on an occasional race, in the long run the racetrack always wins. Why? They’ve got mathematics on their side. They adjust the odds so that they’ll always win. Like playing against the Borg, resistance is futile.

However, with women it’s the opposite. Some sly marketers of seduction products will try and convince you that with their products, you’ll have a chance of seducing every single girl you meet. When you think about it from a marketing perspective, this is pretty brilliant.

If you fail with any one woman, then you just need to buy more products or attend more seminars. Once they get you buying into that belief, they’ve got a customer for life. It’s a well kept secret in the seduction guru circle that they travel the country (and the world) teaching seminars year after year to the same group of core customers.

So you can see that looking at seduction on a woman by woman basis is a losing proposition (for you, not for the gurus). However, what happens when you look at women in general, instead of one particular woman?

Say you don’t know anything about seduction. You think you’ve got to “get lucky,” or something. You date three or four girls before finally meeting one and settling down.

This has been the model for centuries. Is it the best model? Far from it. Why? Because if you only date four or five girls long enough to really get to know them, you’re really not giving yourself much of a choice.

And for most guys, dating four or five girls means actually talking to maybe five or six long enough to date them.

But when you look at the wide world of women through the eyes of a natural seducer, things change. You suddenly see hundreds, if not thousands of women to choose from.

Are you going to seduce all of them? Hardly. But you’re certainly going to talk to a lot more of them. Consider somebody who actually tries to “get laid” on a regular basis. He’ll talk to probably five to ten women a week.

What do you think his chances are of finding somebody really special, with a lot in common, that he can build a really good relationship with, compared to somebody who waits for it to “just happen”?

When you’ve only got five to ten options in your whole life to create a relationship, it can be pretty nerve racking.

But when you talk to five to ten girls a week? Finding a perfect relationships is almost guaranteed.


Source by George Hutton

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