Will I Ever Get My Ex-Boyfriend Back? Here is What You Must Follow Before Time Runs Out on You


Relationships are great until one decides to leave the other for some valid (or invalid) reason. Girls, being sensitive and emotional than men, often take the blow of the break up pretty hard-unless they’re the ones who initiated the break up. But of course, girls are also more hopeful than men.

Try your hardest not to call him

Don’t seem desperate by calling him every hour. You will not succeed at winning him back by scaring him. Stalker tendencies sometimes make men shy away from their ex-girlfriends more. If he’ll call, he’ll call. It may take some time but that’s why patience is a virtue.

Learn to compromise to make the new relationship work

Try to delve into your past relationship’s issues. Were there recurring problems? Is it because you’re quite selfish and do not want your man to go out with his friends? Is it always your way or the highway?

Because if it is, then maybe that’s one of the reasons why he broke up. If you and your man are ready to have a heart-to-heart discussion about trying to fix the relationship, then go ahead and be ready to make compromises.

Never beg or plead, please

Begging and pleading is so out of fashion. Carrie Bradshaw will sell all her Manolo Blahniks first before begging a guy to take her back. Or did she one time? Anyway, please-take-me-back conversations are cringe- and not mush-worthy. It will only succeed in making you look pitiful to your ex-boyfriend.

Give time to yourself

Now that you’re not in a relationship, you have all the time to go to the salon to have your hair fixed. Check your bookshelves for the titles you haven’t read yet. Do some volunteer job. Just anything to take your mind off the breakup.

Reassess your value in the relationship

Not being a part of the relationship allows you to look at it from an outsider’s point of view. What were its strongest points, its weakest? What role did you usually play – the boss, the superior or more dominating one, or the receiver of all affection and care?

Reassessing your role in the relationship will give you the leverage you need when talking about it with your former partner.

Have your friends stay out of this situation

Some men are very private and would rather have his personal issues kept between him and his partner. Even if you’re not together anymore, don’t blab about your problems and your plans to get him back to your friends. While friends can help you patch things up, he may be more grateful if you stop having your friends set you up on dates.

New girlfriend, no problem!

Sure, the news of a new girlfriend will stupefy you, no matter how many times you say it’s all right. But don’t fear. If their relationship came right after yours without any time gap, chances are, she’s just a rebound girl-someone who can accompany him while he nurses his broken heart.


Source by Rahul Talwar

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