Wisdom Teeth Removal / When to extract Wisdom teeth (Third molar) / Animation // Medinaz

Wisdom Teeth Removal / When to extract Wisdom teeth (Third molar) / Animation // Medinaz
0:00 Introduction
0:25 What is pericoronitis
1:18 Dental caries
1:53 Damage to neighbouring teeth
2:23 Dental cyst
2:58 Dental tumor
3:29 Maxillary sinus infection – sinusitis
3:52 Orthognathic surgery
4:06 Supraeruption of third molar

Wisdom teeth removal causes:
One of the most common reason is Pericoronitis:
But what is pericoronitis?
Pericoronitis is an inflammation of the tissue surrounding a third molar. So Most people with pericoronitis wisdom tooth, have a flap of gum tissue partially covering the crown of the erupting tooth. Now this is an ideal place for the food accumulation which gives cavity-causing bacteria a place to grow.
Dentist may treat pericoronitis with gum flap removal surgery. But, if this inflammation occurs again and again then it is recommended to extract the offending wisdom tooth.

Dental caries:

Usually caries are seen in the areas of food accumulation. Now the wisdom tooth being the last one in the jaw, it is difficult to access and clean. Moreover if it the wisdom tooth is partially erupted then the chances of infection and dental caries will also increase. You may experience
pain and swelling surrounding the wisdom tooth.
Redness, swelling or bleeding gums
Bad breath
An unpleasant taste in your mouth
Difficultly in opening your mouth

Damage to a neighbouring teeth:

Due to lack of space in the jaw, the wisdom tooth may incline on the second molar. This creates pressure and then leads to damage or resorption of an associated tooth i.e 2nd molar. This also increases the chances of getting dental caries.

Dental cyst:

Dental cyst is nothing but an abnormal fluid filled sac.
If the wisdom teeth is impacted that means it has not erupted. In such situation a fluid filled sac can be formed surrounding this impacted tooth which is called as cyst. This cyst can grow and damage the surrounding bone, tissue and adjacent tooth. So in such condition the dentist will remove the cyst with the associated wisdom tooth.

Dental tumor:

Sometimes the impacted 3rd molar can be associated with dental tumor. Many times it does not cause any symptoms until it has grown to a significant size. And it can identified on radiographic examination. In such situation, the teeth will be extracted with the associated tumor.

Sinus infection (SINUSITIS):

The wisdom teeth in the upper jaw are in close proximity to the sinuses located under the cheekbones. When they start to grow in, the roots and teeth may place pressure on this area — which can, in some cases, lead to sinus headaches or even sinus infections.
In that situation it is better to get the wisdom tooth removed.

Orthognathic surgery:

Now If your jaw is abnormally placed or if you have an abnormal jaw, then your orthodontist may plan a jaw reconstruction surgery. This is done mainly for aesthetic purpose. In such situation your wisdom teeth may be removed.

Unopposed and soon to supra- erupt tooth:

If there is absence of lower third molar or it has been extracted before, then the erupting or erupted maxillary third molar is unopposed. In such cases there is a possibility of supraeruption over time which may cause gingival tissue impingement of faulty bite. This may indicate a need for extraction of the maxillary third molar.
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  1. To be very honest
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  3. Why I don't feel any pain at all and no swelling after removing the upper wisdom teeth easily?very strange because it doesn't feel anything & i dont need any medicine..😯

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  5. i dont know if i have it but at the back of my teeth there is gum and when i feel it it fells like a teeth is under it is it wisdom teeth? aslo it kinda hurts when i eat too

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